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From the Dean

Welcome to GIS

dean2018I sincerely appreciate your interest in GIS. We are one of the youngest and smallest departments at Hosei University, but while we are compact in size, GIS is “big” in terms of its innovative concept and immediate adaptability to the demands of society.

Our curriculum is multifaceted, consisting of five areas of study ranging from Arts & Literature to Business & Economy. Most of our courses are interdisciplinary, which is why the boundaries between these concentrations are symbolized by dotted lines, rather than solid ones, on the course list. Global issues and ever-changing cultural phenomena can only be approached from multiple perspectives. By completing four years of study in a small-sized, discussion-focused environment, you will be able to cultivate a broad understanding of diverse subjects, while also demonstrating expertise in a specific field. We provide a liberal arts based education. Nevertheless, you should note that the upper-level courses are highly technical, not a mere extension of a so-called “general education”. To the best of our scholastic experience in an international arena, we professors endeavor to equip you with the latest theories and methodologies; we are also ready to prepare you, if you wish, for further research in prestigious universities overseas.

English is the global language for everything from education and business, to politics and pop culture. Considering the function of English as a lingua franca in the world today, all learning activities, including lectures, presentations, and essay writing, are conducted entirely in English. You will be immersing yourself in English, both inside and around the classroom.

Being open-minded, knowledgeable, and articulate will make you a valuable member of any community or workplace you may find yourself in; many of our graduates now play a key role in multinational corporations and organizations, while others have been accepted by world-leading academic institutions. GIS is a close-knit community; we are here to support and encourage you in your promising future, while the senior students very much look forward to interacting with you soon.

Dean of GIS