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Welcome to GIS

The liberal arts, interdisciplinary _DSC0719_ver2education offered by GIS covers a plurality of fields. However, it is interdisciplinary not only in its curriculum but also in the way specific subjects and common topics are studied across its different fields. GIS offers the kind of education that liberates students from an overemphasis on and the narrow perspective of any single discipline.

Introductory courses are provided in all areas, from Arts and Literature to Business and International Relations, while in all areas intermediate and advanced courses, particularly the seminars, offer a more specialized study. Our four-year English-immersion, liberal arts education will change the way you see and understand the world. You will become a person with a broad knowledge of diverse subjects and issues, as an individual with a wide field of vision and knowledge.

GIS offers a low student-teacher ratio, which allows students ample opportunity to participate in class. Our professors, endeavoring to give the students the best education possible, at the same time are scholars and researchers in their own fields. From them, students gain skill in critical thinking, problem solving, academic reading and writing, and information literacy, all of which are indispensable for research. In addition, you will learn teamwork, oral and written communication, and how to adapt to and synthesize new ideas. From professors as well as from peers with international experience, you will learn sensitivity and tolerance to cultures not your own. That, naturally, will lead you to an awareness and consideration of your own identity. Further, being a member of a small faculty with a culture of an enthusiasm for study will serve to foster in you a sense of responsibility to community.

A flexible and independently minded person with a solid academic background and a wide frame of reference, one with communication skills, will always will be in demand. The study habits and knowledge you gain in GIS will be invaluable, whatever career you pursue. Being open-minded, knowledgeable and articulate will make you a worthy member of any culture and community you may find yourself in.

GIS students study hard, but GIS and Hosei University are places of friendship, society and opportunity outside of class. Cultural and athletic activities flourish at this vibrant university, while its campus, beautifully surrounded by the landscape of Yasukuni Shrine, the water in the castle moat, and international educational institutions, provides access to innumerable Tokyo venues.

We welcome you to join our community of learning. The university and the faculty are here to support and encourage you in your challenges ahead.

Mitsutoshi SOMURA
Dean of GIS