Glory again as students from Dr.Fukuoka’s seminar pick up 1st prize at the Marketing Competition Japan 2018 for the second year running.

On December 16th, Team Frantz (Misaki Kimura/Senior, Hitomi Saito/Senior, Rena Shimizu/Junior, Ryusei Noda/Junior) from Dr. Fukuoka’s seminar won first prize in the final round of the Marketing Competition Japan 2018, held at Kobe City University of Foreign Studies. Team member Hitomi Saito was pleased with the award: “thanks to all team members, we were able to make it! Also, I appreciate all seminar members’ practical feedback and Dr. Fukuoka’s insightful advice.” Indeed, this is the second consecutive year that teams under Dr. Fukuoka’s tutorage have picked up awards; in 2017, teams from Dr. Fukuoka’s seminar picked up first and second prizes.

Dr. Fukuoka also gave praise to the two other teams from his seminar who missed out on awards. “Three teams from our seminar participated in this contest. The winning team proceeded with things as planned and demonstrated near-perfect performance on stage. The other two teams also performed in front of the audience well, although they could not win the prize. I’m proud of all of them.” Finally, team member Rena Shimizu gave an insight as to what may have motivated Team Frantz’s victory in the competition: “we finally achieved the goal to have Kobe pudding as winners!”