Congratulations on being accepted to The Department of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS)!

I am delighted that your hard work has paid off and you now have the chance to join us as part of the GIS community. I am welcoming you in English because it is the working language of GIS and, as you are no doubt aware, English is the lingua franca of business and academia around the globe. Studying in GIS will stand you in good stead for your future career, whatever it may be: from joining a multinational corporation, to becoming an academic researcher at a world-leading institution.

Our professors have vast scholastic experience in the international arena and are ready to share with you the latest theories and approaches in fields such as literature, linguistics, psychology, sociology, international relations and business. Global issues and ever-changing cultural phenomena can only be approached from multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives. By studying in the discussion-based environment of GIS, you will learn to consider and assess problems in this multi-faceted way.

Although we are a relatively small department, we are big in terms of our innovative curriculum and first-rate faculty. GIS is a close-knit community and our international or internationally-minded staff are here to support you in the achievement of your goals. The senior students, with their diverse backgrounds, will also keep encouraging you both in and outside classes.

Finally, I would like to impress upon you one closing thought: we are all owners and users of English, whether we speak it as a first or second language. As you improve and take ownership of your English, you are part of the language’s global future.

We very much look forward to studying with you in April!

Yutai Watanabe
Dean of GIS