GIS: Engaging with the Local Community

On November 16th at Hosei University’s Ichigaya campus, GIS was proud to host the symposium “Global Human Resources and English as a Lingua Franca: A GIS Perspective,” which was kindly sponsored by Chiyoda-ward. Professor Diana Khor, the dean of GIS, gave the opening address, which was followed by a brief introduction of the GIS faculty by Professor Fukuoka. The three panelists then gave a short lecture from their specialist perspective – Sociolinguistics, International Business Management, and Tourism Management – with “English” being the common theme. Professor Watanabe emphasized the importance of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF), Professor Fukuoka explained the level of English skill and knowledge required in international business, and Professor Melvin talked about tourism and education. A panel discussion followed under the topic “Global Human Resources and English as a Lingua Franca.” Lastly, Professor Watanabe gave his final remarks to close the symposium.       

Here are some quotes from attendees after the event:

– “The symposium promoted discussion on the problems in global education
– “The panelists highlighted the significance of learning in English
– “The panel discussion was very substantial

Our post-event questionnaire revealed that
87% of attendees were very satisfied