GIS Talk: Dr. Daiki Hiramori, June 21

Dear students,

Please join us on Wednesday, June 21 at 17:30 for the second installment of our GIS Talks lecture series in the 2023 academic year. For this session, we will be joined by Dr. Daiki Hiramori, an assistant professor in the GIS faculty.

Dr. Hiramori’s research talk will take place in room S502 in the Sotobori Building from 17:30.

Dr. Hiramori’s research talk will cover the following topic:

In recent years, societal interest in sexual and gender minorities, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people, has increased both in and outside of Japan.

In particular, there is a growing interest in estimating the size of LGBTQ populations and understanding socioeconomic and health disadvantages experienced by these populations. Addressing the lack of reliable data in Japan, we have been working on developing questions to measure sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) on population-based surveys.

In this talk, I present findings from our methodological studies that use a variety of social research methods, such as cognitive interviews, focus groups, web monitor surveys, and population-based surveys. I conclude the talk by arguing that surveys in Japan should include SOGI as routine demographic questions like age, race/ethnicity, and place of residence.

This talk is open to both GIS students and non-GIS students. To participate, please register here using the following Google link:

Questions may be addressed to the GIS office (

Please see the attached pamphlet for further information. We hope to see you there.