Changes to the class timetable of the 2016 Fall Semester

As you know, only 2016 Fall Semester we are changing the class timetable at the Ichigaya Campus as follows.

  • 1st period   9:15~10:45(15 minutes earlier than usual)
  • 2nd period  11:00~12:30(10 minutes earlier than usual)
  • Lunch Break 12:30~13:20
  • 3rd period  13:20~14:50(10 minutes earlier than usual)
  • 4th period  15:05~16:35(5 minutes earlier than usual)
  • 5th period  16:50~18:20(same as usual)
  • 6th period  18:30~20:00(same as usual)
  • 7th period  20:10~21:40(same as usual)

Due to the construction work at the Ichigaya Campus, additional traffic restrictions will be in place during the 2016 Fall Semester. The change is necessary to make sure students and professors have time to move safely during the breaks between classes.