Dr. Fukuoka gave a lecture at Shih Chien University in Taiwan

Dr. Fukuoka gave a lecture on Brand Management at Shih Chien University, which is a private university in Taiwan (particularly well known for its fashion design course) and one of the partner institutions of HOSEI University. Dr. Fukuoka taught as part of their English-based summer program from the 5th to 14th of July. About 50 students who were eager to learn more about Business Management attended his classes.

“It was my first time to give a lecture in Taiwan” said Dr. Fukuoka, “Although three and a half straight hours a day lecturing was a bit tough, I did enjoy my stay there. This was largely owing to the hard work of my two teaching assistants, the students’ commitment to my class and the full support of the office of international affairs. I do hope we have established a good relationship with them that will last for a long time”.