Faculty Voices

We are pleased to present some of our faculty with short introductory videos. This selection of our faculty talk briefly about their backgrounds, experiences and education, research interests and areas of expertise, and some of the classes they teach.



Describing his experience in and research on digital writing and communication, Professor Mark Birtles introduces himself and the classes he teaches at GIS.

Professor Birtle’s faculty page

Shiaw Jia EYO

Professor Shiaw Jia Eyo introduces herself, her research, and her classes on her areas of expertise: innovation, entrepreneurship, and business management.

Professor Eyo’s faculty page

 Takamasa FUKUOKA

Discussing his experience in global business management, brand strategy, and transcultural communication, Professor Takamasa Fukuoka introduces himself, his research, and classes. 

Professor Fukuoka’s faculty page


In this video, Professor Gregory Khezrnejat discusses his research interests in Japanese literature and transnational literature while introducing himself and the courses he teaches. 

Professor Khezrnejat’s faculty page

Diana KHOR

Providing explanations about her field of research in sociology and on the topics of gender and sexuality studies, Professor Diana Khor presents on her classes and the community at GIS.

Professor Khor’s faculty page


Professor John Melvin introduces himself and his research on tourism management, tourism marketing, and event management, as well as his classes on those topics.

Professor Melvin’s faculty page


Discussing her area of research in social and cultural psychology, Professor Yu Niiya introduces herself and the classes that she teaches in that field.

Professor Niiya’s faculty page

Mitsutoshi SOMURA

Detailing the intricacies of studying English Literature, Professor Mitsutoshi Somura presents a short introduction of himself and the GIS classes he teaches.

Professor Somura’s faculty page

Stevie SUAN

Professor Stevie Suan introduces himself, his research interests in how media cross borders, and his classes on anime, manga, and other media studies topics. 

Professor Suan’s faculty page


Explaining his area of expertise of sociolinguistics, Professor Yutai Watanabe introduces himself and the types of topics you will learn in his classes.

Professor Watanabe’s faculty page