Machiko KOBORI
Education and Experience

Professor Kobori trained as an English language teacher in Tokyo in Japan, studying English language and literature, and taught in a variety of contexts in Japan and overseas, such as Ukraine. She has earned two Masters in the UK: TESOL at Ulster University and Educational Studies at the University of York, examined by Prof. Shelagh Rixon and other supervisors. She has also completed her doctoral coursework in English Literature at Tsuda University in Japan. Whilst studying in the UK, she trained at a teacher training college in Hungary under the supervision of Prof. Annamaria Pinter. She has had extensive experience of working with school/language teachers in different educational sectors, study groups, workshops, etc., mainly for primary and secondary EFL in Japan.

Research Interests

Professor Kobori continues to look into theoretical and practical aspects of second language learning (SLL), including second language (L2) teacher education within different contexts such as teaching methodology, motivation to learn and teach L2s, etc.; e.g., she conducted her research investigation on L2 motivation in Slovenia in the past. She has also published a couple of guidebooks for primary EFL education in Japan with her colleagues from The Institute for Research in Language and Culture at Tsuda University. Her contribution has also been noted in the ITE (Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers) Technical Report, a collaborative work with the Research Centre for Computing and Multimedia Studies at Hosei University. She is currently involved in a couple of Grants-in-Aid projects: one for the Japan Institute of Scientific Research for Education (JSRE) in English education for young learners, and the other, JSPS (KAKENHI), aiming at improving language teacher education.

Teaching courses
Research output

・Kobori, M. (2023). Somosomo ‘yaruki’ tte nandesyouka? [What is motivation in the first place?]. Goken Dayori: Teaching methodology Q&A, 407, 3. The Institute for Research in Language Teaching. / 小堀真知子. (2023). 「そもそも『やる気』って何でしょうか?」 語研だより: 指導技術 Q&A, 407号. 語学教育研究所. P. 3.

・Kobori, Machiko. Review of Tsuda Umeko. by Yasu Furukawa. University of Tokyo Press, DOKUSHOJIN (May 6th 2022): 3.

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・Kobori, Machiko. (2021). Young learners’ motivation to learn English: Japanese and Ukrainian perspectives. GIS Journal (The Hosei Journal of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies). Ⅶ, 17-30.

・Kobori, M. (2020). Primary EFL in Japan: A snapshot of L2 motivation at 11+. International Symposium on Affective Science and Engineering, ISASE2020(0), 1–4.