Machiko KOBORI
Education and Experience

Machiko Kobori completed her first MA at the University of York, England in 1998, focusing on second language education, focusing her research investigation on L2 motivation in Slovenia. In 1999, she earned another MA in TESOL from Ulster University in Northern Ireland. Whilst engaged in her TESOL studies, she trained in local primary and secondary education in Northern Ireland, in a teacher training college in Hungary, after which she then worked as an EFL teacher in the Ukraine. She also explored the area of primary EFL education, and conducted a research in state primary schools in Japan.

Research Interests

Professor Kobori continues to look into motivational issues in second language education. She has recently been involved in EFL education in primary schools, as well as the running of TESOL courses related to secondary EFL teacher training in Japan. She has a particular interest in L2 motivation among young Japanese EFL learners, and has published a guidebook for primary EFL education in Japan with Dr Hiroko Tajika, et al. She is currently editing a report on early EFL education for the Tsuda Journal of Language and Culture. She has also been researching the motivational issues of language teachers, recently focusing on EFL teacher training; in particular, she has looked at how student EFL teachers encourage themselves to maintain and increase their motivation to teach English during their teaching experience. Her contribution has been noted in the ITE (Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers) Technical Report, a collaborative work with the Research Centre for Computing and Multimedia Studies at Hosei University.

Teaching courses
  • A6063
  • Overseas Academic Study Preparation
  • A6123, 6124
  • TESOL I: Introduction
  • A6127
  • L2 Education for Children I
  • A6225
  • TESOL II: Teaching Methodology
  • A6226
  • TESOL III: Syllabus and Teaching Materials
  • A6323
  • TESOL IV: Testing and Evaluation
  • A6404-6405
  • Seminar: Language Teaching and Learning I
  • A6406-6407
  • Seminar: Language Teaching and Learning II
Research output

・Kobori, Machiko. (2018). The EFL education for young learners. Tsuda Journal of Language and Culture. 33, 86-87.

・Kobori, Machiko. (2017). Primary EFL: Pupils’ motivation to learn English in primary schools in Japan. GIS Journal (The Hosei Journal of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies). Ⅲ, 31-62.

・Tokiwa, Yuji., & Kobori, Machiko. (2012). Lesson analysis and self-assessment in the principles and techniques in language education – The introduction to micro-teaching through digital video streaming -. ITE Technical Report. 36(54), 49-52. (Research Paper & Presentation at the 2012 ITE conference in Saitama, Japan)