Education and Experience

Michael Bettridge received his MA in Literature from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) in 1980. He was accepted into the University Honors Program during his first year, and in 1976 he was given a CSULB academic achievement award. He received a California Community College Teaching Credential (1978), and taught writing skills and ESL courses at CSULB and Rancho Santiago Community College. He was offered a teaching position in CSULB’s Japanese Summer Institute program, and in 1980 relocated to Japan. His full-time tenured employment began at Kawamura Women’s Junior College. He joined Hosei University in April of 1999.

Research Interests

One of his areas of research has been on the past and present state of the American short story publishing market. His paper, “The Short Story is Dead. Long Live the Short Story”, a work which includes both research on the short story’s publication history and the results of a survey of current short story publishers, looks at the contradictory indicators from editors and critics, on the one hand, of the market’s health and success, and on the other, of the demise of its readership, and closes with a discussion of what the future may hold for the genre. His current research is focused on the use in horror fiction (in the works of such writers as Henry James, William Peter Blatty and Stephen King) of the “innocent” child as the perpetrator of evil. He also has published poetry and short fiction in various journals.

Teaching courses
  • A6301
  • Readings in Creative Nonfiction
Research output

・The Short Story is Dead. Long Live the Short Story. Bulletin of the Faculty of Liberal Arts: Hosei University. Publication date: 2007/01

・Voices of Hope From Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio. Bulletin of the Faculty of Liberal Arts: Hosei Universit. Publication date: 2002/02

・Poetry: Edd Self. Journal: Nonforgotten. Publication date: 2012/02/13

・“Lies and Other Alibis”. The Hosei Journal of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies. Volume IV. March 2018.