Global Strategic Management

Learn strategy and management in international business
Takamasa FUKUOKA

This seminar is designed for students who are interested in strategy and management in international business, and covers various fields such as intercultural communication, negotiation, and brand management. Students have opportunities to visit companies, do joint research and otherwise collaborate with companies and local governments, and participate in a business contest.

Seminar activities

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Past Students' Research Papers

・Study on the Significant Factors whereby Students Start and Continue to Use Mobile Payments
・Validating Efficiency of Authentic Leadership in Multinational Workplaces
・Influence of Word-of mouth on SNS on Male and Female Cosmetic Consumers Behavior
・Strategic Alliance between Japan and the Philippines in the Manufacturing Industry
・Analysis of the Elements Required for Japanese Global Managers in Multinational Corporations -Japanese Global Managers in Hong Kong and America
・In AISAS/AIDMA, Brand Equity Model by Aaker: What roles do self-disparaging advertisements or PR play? And what kind of influences do they have on local people and outsiders?
・Research on the Relationship between Brand Personality and Fashion Brands: Considering Human Perception
・Is it possible for Japanese people to take global leadership in Singapore?: The best leadership style in Singapore and the best leadership style in Japan
・Is outsourcing airport operations to concessions contributing to increasing the attractiveness of local regions and regional revitalization in Japan?
・Study on the Relationship between Emotion, AAD, AB, and Purchasing Behavior
・What kind of leadership is effective in a situation where Japanese managers communicate with local Chinese subordinates in a Japanese company operating in China?
・As a pioneer of a product, what kind of marketing activity is needed to strengthen the brand in order to create a market and stay on top as a market leader?
・Are the successful examples of European and American food companies’ BOP business applicable to Japanese food companies?
・What does Japanese DOOH industry need to do to exceed the U.S. DOOH spending?
・Factors that Companies Need to Consider when they Expand their Business Internationally: The Case of Ootoya in Paris
・Combating Child Labor in Cocoa Growing: The Role of International Trading Firms with a Case Study on Olam International
・Analysis of the Halal Market in Japan: Key Challenges and Opportunities
・Raising Customer Satisfaction: How to Increase Customer Satisfaction in English Academies