Tourism Management

Consider the sustainable management and marketing of tourism

Adopting a lens of sustainability, the Tourism Management seminar considers the management and marketing of tourism. Applying key theories and frameworks to a range of domestic and international case studies, students will gain insights into the nature of tourism and factors driving tourism development. The seminar covers several areas, including destination marketing, events, customer decision making, social media marketing and visitor attraction management.

Selected Students’ Research Papers

• Abandoned Railways as Tourism Resources
• Anime-induced Tourism in Numazu and Uchiura with Love Live! Sunshine!!
• Approaches to Pet-Friendly Tourism in Japan
• Assessing Social Impacts of Local Events: Ibaraki
• Changing Perspectives of International Students in Japan
• Destination Image Formation of Rome: The Effect of the Movie Roman Holiday
• During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Travel Behavior Changes in Suburban Areas of Kanto, Japan
• How To Increase The Number Of Western Tourists To Okinawa
• Japanese Omiyage Purchasing Behavior
• Motivations & Marketing in Dark Tourism
• Slow Food Tourism & Its Potential for Successful Local Revitalization
• Tea Tourism in Wazuka: Classifying Tourists’ Experiences & Motivations
• The Marketing of Dive Tourism: Understanding Dive Tourists’ Characteristics & Motivations