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GIS students have three routes to academic study abroad: the GIS Overseas Academic Study (OAS) program, Outgoing Student Exchange Program (OSEP), and the study abroad accreditation system. Depending on each student’s desires and aims, these programs allow qualified students a chance to study abroad at the destination of their choice. Students may earn up to 60 credits from undergraduate courses and a limited number of academic skills courses in the host university. Credits earned can be counted toward the 124 credits required for graduation. Participation in a study abroad program is optional and not required for graduating from GIS.

GIS Overseas Academic Study (OAS)   Outgoing Student Exchange Program (OSEP) Study Abroad Accreditation System

GIS Overseas Academic Study Program (OAS)

GIS offers academic study abroad opportunities in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Students who meet GPA and host university English language requirements can take undergraduate courses together with the host university’s regular students. Through the host university, OAS also offers a study route that combines academic skills courses with undergraduate courses.

Study options

One-semester option:
Students can apply for one semester (four or five months) of study at one of four host universities in the second semester of their second year or the first semester of their third. Up to 20 credits toward the total of 124 needed for graduation from GIS can be acquired, and these credits can be combined with credits from other study abroad programs offered by Hosei University.

Two-semester option:
A two-semester (ten-month) course of study is offered at Massey University, New Zealand. Students accepted for study can acquire up to 40 credits (20 credits per semester), with those credits counting toward the total number needed for graduation.

GPA and English language requirements

A record of academic achievement in GIS that shows the student is likely to succeed at study abroad, as well as GIS and host university permission to enroll, are required. To enroll in undergraduate courses, students must meet the host university’s GPA (grade point average) and/or English language requirements.

Students will need to submit evidence of English proficiency (i.e., a TOEFL or IELTS score). Additionally, a host university may conduct its own English proficiency test or may require a letter of reference from a GIS professor and grade transcripts.

Course credits

On successful completion of study abroad, up to 20 credits (or up to 40 credits for the two-semester option at Massey University) can be counted toward the 124 credits required for graduation. All course credits earned at host universities can be applied to GIS 100- to 300-level credit requirements.

Students can combine GIS study abroad credits with those from other study abroad programs offered by Hosei University: Hosei Year Abroad Scholarship Program and Study Abroad Accreditation System


The costs for study abroad are separate from the tuition for Hosei University. Those costs, including airfare to and from the host university and medical insurance, will be paid by the student.

Outgoing Student Exchange Program (OSEP)

Selected third and fourth year students are awarded Outgoing Student Exchange Program for study at overseas partner universities. These students are exempt from overseas university tuition, and receive a stipend of from ¥700,000 to ¥1,000,000 for living expenses. Currently, Hosei is affiliated with 49 universities in 18 countries worldwide. For details, visit the Hosei University International Center.

Hosei University Global Education Center

Study Abroad Accreditation System

Second year students and above who wish to study at an overseas university that has no affiliation with Hosei may do so at their own expense. These students, however, may apply to receive an accredited study abroad scholarship from Hosei and its support association. For details, visit the Hosei University International Center.

Hosei University Global Education Center