CePiC and GIS Fukuoka seminar had a Global Career Forum on June 23

In spite of the rain, about 100 people came to the event, including some high school students!

In the first part of the event, the speakers talked about their careers and experiences overseas. Then in the second part, there was a Q&A in which many participants raised their hands to ask the presenters interesting questions. They discussed many topics: from what will be needed in a diverse and rapidly changing society to the things that are required for global leader. There was also good advice on starting up your own business, as well as how to accept and manage different cultures in a work place. The speakers kindly and graciously answered all the questions based on their sophisticated knowledge, careers and experience overseas.

After the event, our seminar members had a party and were able to have an informal chat with them. The members enjoyed this great experience with the guests and hope that it will help those in the audience to think about their future careers more deeply. We wish to express our deepest thanks to the wonderful speakers, all the people who participated, and everyone else involved.