Team Sotobori Green make it a hat-trick of wins for Dr. Fukuoka’s seminar

On December 15th, Team Sotobori Green (Hiyori Nakamura/Senior, Saya Ishi/Senior, Yuta Nakagawa/Junior, Luisa Tomota/Junior) won first prize in the final round of the Marketing Competition Japan 2019; it is the third year in a row a team from Dr. Fukuoka’s seminar has won the accolade. The competition took place at the Kobe City University of Foreign Studies and the task from the Nagasawa Bungu Center, a main sponsor of the event, was to present a practical marketing plan based on the theme “Creation of a new writing (drawing) culture: marketing the Kobe INK story.” A delighted Dr. Fukuoka and the winning team shared their feelings on the victory after the result had been announced.

Dr. Fukuoka:
“Three teams from our seminar participated in the final round of this contest. The winning team’s marketing plan and delivery in the presentation were near-perfect, attracting the votes of six honorable judges. The other two teams made a tremendous effort, although they could not win a prize. I was impressed that even seminar members who could not make it to the final round also supported the finalists. I’m very proud of all my seminar students!”

“I feel extremely honored to win first prize. We could only have done it by working together as a cohesive team!”

“Thanks to cooperation and discussion, our idea improved a lot. I’m delighted that together we won the first prize! Thanks to all of you!”

“I want to thank all the members of the Fukuoka seminar and professor Fukuoka himself for supporting us! Most importantly, I’m so proud to have those ink-redible teammates! I’ll be back next year!”

“It was a fantastic experience that helped me learn many things. Moreover, I am very thankful to both my team members and our seminar members for all the support; we couldn’t have won without it.