Hosei University Symposium on the Top Global University Project

Hosei University makes various efforts to realize its goal of creating a global university in Japan – a leading nation in the resolution of issues toward building a sustainable society – as part of the Top Global University Project.

This symposium will focus on the realizability of a sustainable society and the global human resource development that can contribute to it. It will highlight the university’s past efforts in this area and future prospects.

The first half of the program will feature the university’s concept of a sustainable society and efforts toward its realization, issues faced by Vietnam in the midst of rapid development, and the feasibility of cooperation between universities in Japan and Vietnam.

The second half will first highlight the ideal global human resources sought by global companies,and will then feature Hosei University’s English ‐ based degree programs and a presentation/discussion on the current status and future prospects of corporate human resource development toward a sustainable society.

Date/time:  March 17  (Fri.), 2017  14:00–17:20  Doors open: 13:30

Venue:  G403, Fujimi – gate Building 4F, Ichigaya Campus, Hosei University

10 min. walk from Iidabashi or Ichigaya Station (JR/subway)

In the panel discussion, Professor Khor, GIS Dean will discuss ideal human resources for a sustainable global society as a panelist. If you are interested in this symposium, please apply in advance at the website below. (in Japnese)