Youyung HYUN
Education and Experience

Youyung Hyun received her Ph.D. in Commerce and Management in Hitotsubashi University with completing a dissertation entitled “The Role of Democratization Culture in Improving Organizational Agility through Big Data Analytics.” She has developed a unique view of human behavior by completing undergraduate degree in Interior Design in Chung-Ang University. With this unique academic background, she integrated design background with business studies through her M.A. in Korea University. Extended to this, she further developed her special research areas in management of information systems at Hitotsubashi University. She is interested in human behaviors in organizations when interacting with newly emerging technologies including big data analytics, AI, and service robots.

Research Interests

Professor Hyun’s research interests are twofold with a socio-technical perspective. One is how big data analytics is successfully embedded in organizations, which is derived from a strong research motivation— “why a majority of modern companies are failing to generate business value from new technologies such as big data analytics (BDA)?” To address this dilemma, she believes that firms should not only focus on technical aspects of BDA but consider employees’ behavior (social aspects), as impacts of BDA largely hinge on interactions with humans who can pull out business potential resided in BDA. In this respect, she is currently working on the paper that develops a construct called ‘data democratization capability’ which plays an important role in embedding BDA into organizational fabric. The other research interest is about human-robot interaction in the hospitality context. As advanced technologies like a humanoid service robot are increasingly infused in service contexts, customer experiences on service are changed considerably. In this regard, she spotlights customer engagement specifically with service robots and investigates how and what aspects of service robot can enrich customer experiences. Regarding this, she, as the principal investigator, is going through the second revision process of the premier international journal.

Teaching courses
Research output

Youyung Hyun, Jaehyun Park. “When My OriHime Went to Work: Representational Fidelities of a Tele-Operated Robot”, (SCOPUS, received Best Paper Award), KMIS International Conference, pp.304-309, 2021.

Youyung Hyun, Taro Kamioka, Ryuichi Hosoya. “Improving Agility Using Big Data Analytics: The Role of Democratization Culture”, (Web of Science), Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems, vol.12, no.2, pp. 35-63, 2020.

Youyung Hyun, Taro Kamioka, Jaehyun Park, Younghoon Chang. “Why Big Data Analytics Competency for Organizational Agility: A View of IS Resources”, (SCOPUS), the 24th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems 2020 Proceedings, 114, 2020.

Youyung Hyun, Taro Kamioka. “The Role of Learning Culture in Big Data Analytics”, (SCOPUS), the 24th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems 2020 Proceedings, 211, 2020.