About GIS

GIS Mission and Vision Statements

Mission and Vision

In contributing to Hosei University’s 2030 vision to foster independent and involved citizens, contribute to the advancement of knowledge and help address the problems confronting the world in the 21st century, the department of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies endeavours to strengthen its place in Japan as a leading provider of university-level English education.

Mission Statement

Having delivered a top-class, all-English education in the heart of Tokyo since 2008, GIS is firmly committed to nurturing the next generation of high-calibre graduates. Immersion in an interactive learning environment enables students to develop and enhance their problem-solving and leadership skills by studying within a diverse and supportive student community. The number of GIS graduates currently employed, along with those who have sought to further their education at a range of prestigious organisations in Japan and overseas is evidence of the effectiveness of our wide-ranging curriculum. In providing students with the breadth and depth of knowledge they will need to help engage with the many and varied problems facing humanity at the local, regional and global levels, we strive to ensure that each can become a valuable member of the global community.

Vision Statement

GIS aspires to set the standard for liberal arts education in 21st century Japan. We are committed to cultivating students who will not shy away from the challenges they will face. Our graduates will use the skills learned during their university years to help tackle some of the many challenges facing the nation, finding ways to enhance well-being. Through collaborative partnerships with various stakeholders, GIS also aspires to be a trusted and respected member of society at the community, national and global level. GIS will:

– Reinforce our position as one of the leading faculties in Japan of a high quality, all-English liberal arts education.

– Utilise new and existing relationships with responsibly-minded organisations to add value to our programs, our teaching and our research output.

– Enhance the prospects of our graduates by providing them with both a top-tier education, and the opportunity to contribute to society through what they learned during overseas study, volunteer programs and internships.